April 1999

Sender unit
Sender unit ~ 34 kb The picture here shows me wiring up the sender unit and placing it on a template of the petrol tank to work out the empty and full positions on the gauge.
Dashboard ~ 64 kb This is after I'd placed the instruments in the dash. So they're not wired up yet, just checking to make sure they all fit and sit in the holes.
Coil ~ 31 kb Shot of the coil mounted on the inner wing.
Water bottle
Water bottle ~ 35 kb The water bottle mounted on the end of the passenger footwell.
Seatbelts ~ 26 kb This is the seatbelt bracket that helps to move the seatbelt mounting point up to enable to car to pass the SVA test. Seatbelts anchorage points have to be a certain height above the seat squab.
Tunnel ~ 54 kb Shot along the transmission tunnel, on the right is the fuel regulator and the fuel line is running off in the distance. Hanging down in the middle is the windscreen washer tubing, before it was fixed in place.
Roll hoop
Roll hoop ~ 63 kb This is just after I'd finished fitting the roll hoop. The rear grommet didn't sit properly which is why it's pushed up out of the way, later I filled in the hole from underneath so the grommet sat better.
Fuse box
Fuse box ~ 53 kb The fuse box is mounted in the passenger footwell. I mounted up as high as I could so it would not interfere with the passenger's legs. To the left of the fuse box is the windscreen wiper motor, I've since replaced the jubilee clip seen here in the photograph with a bracket I made up.


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