December 1999

December 1999


ell I had a few problems with the car left over from the problems with the sealant in the fuel tank. So I decided to take it to a rolling road specialist and let them have it and sort it out.

2nd December

Picked up a trailer and loaded the car and drove off towards Sandy on the A1. I was heading for Cambridge Motorsports just off the A1 on the A428 towards Cambridge. I pulled into their workshops and Chris who I'd spoken to when I booked the car in came over to tell me where to off load the car and then come and have a chat with him. He was working on a Austin Healey on the rolling road at the time. Once I'd unloaded the car I went to see Chris and explained the story of the engine and sealant in the fuel and explained that now she would not fire up properly. Chris said that he would work on the car on the Friday.

3rd December

Well Friday dawned and it was a terrible day, gale force winds and driving rain. I phoned Chris late afternoon and he said that he had been working inside and not started on the car because it was too wet and windy. The rolling road is outside and covered by a A frame, like a garage with no doors at either end. So I don't blame him for not starting on the car. So hopefully during the week, weather permitting, I should hear how things are getting on.

10th December

Had a call from Chris and Cambridge Motorsports to say the the car was ready for collection. I said that I'd come and pick it up in the morning. I was looking forward to driving it home from their workshop. It would be the longest drive I've done in it - some 45 miles.

11th December

Awful weather today rain and strong winds so I decided against driving the car home. I went over to see the car anyway and pay for the work that had been done. We arranged that I could pick the car up on Sunday if the weather was better. He said that the car ran very well, but did not put a lot of stress on the car because it was not run in yet. He suggested bringing it back once it was fully run in and he would be able to tweak it even more. The car was basically running too rich. The plugs were getting fouled up and stopping the car from running properly, plus the choke had a tendency to come on slowly with the vibrations of the engine. So he suggested a small return spring to stop that happening. Chris said that it handled very well considering it had not been set up yet and he was surprised to see 80 mph at 2,000 rpm in 5th gear.

12th December

Well it wasn't exactly high summer, but at least there was no wind and very little rain. So we made the journey again over the Cambridge to pick up the car. Chris had the car outside and ready for us, he'd even warmed it up! We said our thanks and took our leave. The roads were wet so I took it easy but was able to press the pedal on some of the straight bits, woah what a great feeling and the car ran faultlessly. It was certainly quick and a pleasure to drive. The steering feels very responsive and quick. The engine is awesome, it pulls in any gear and sounds really good. I'm glad I went for the exhausts exiting from the rear of the car, because at 80mph you don't get deafened from the noise of the exhausts, but you can still hear the throb of the engine.

26th December

The weather has not been too kind just lately, its either been minus 5 degrees or raining. Plus all the salt being used on the roads it is not a good time to get the car out. I've started it up a few times and bought a heater for the garage to keep the chill off the car. It was starting to get moisture sitting on the chrome work because of the damp and cold conditions. I also took the time to block up a few little holes in the garage to stop the wind from whistling through.