Duxford - August 2001

Line up of cars Nice 289
Duxford line up ~ 43kb
Nice 289 ~ 81kb
Line up of cobras, 35 attended in all. Considering the appalling changable weather it was a very good turnout.
More cobras Corvette lump
Another dry bit of the day ~ 54kb
Now where's that corvette...~ 79kb
Nice 289
More cobras ~ 35kb
You could be mistaken in believing that we had good weather on this day. The only bit of blue sky lasted for a good 15 minutes before it chucked it down. Good job the club tent was there!
Plenty of space ~ 80kb
Awards Awards
Concours winners ~ 52kb
Concours winners ~ 67kb
Winning cars Awards
Concours winners cars ~ 73kb
Concours winners cars ~ 67kb
Manufactuers Cars
Thunder Road Cars and AK ~ 33kb
Weather turns nasty ~ 44kb
Cars Cars
Cars ~ 45kb
Just before the rain fell ~ 54kb
Cars ~ 45kb