February 1999

February 1999


ayed a visit to the paintshop this month to see how the car was coming on. Most of the body had been filled and smoothed ready for painting. I took a few photographs which I've developed and scanned. They do look quite good.

13th February

Went to see John and Crendon. He had a car he was preparing for SVA and said it was worth going over to see a few things. I also took the camera because I wanted some photographs of various bits and pieces on his demonstrator. I always take black and white photos if I'm interested in recording details. I find colour can often confuse and distract from what you are looking at. I wanted to take photos of the engine compartment and the boot area, so when I came to fit my bits and pieces in these areas I had a reference point to work from. This is especially important as I won't be able to buy all the items at once. So fitting one item may have an impact upon another if fitted in the wrong place.