January 1999

January 1999


he big event this month will be taking the car to the paint shop the second week in January.

3rd January

John from Crendon came round today. We'd agreed that he would come and look at the car before it went to the spray shop just to catch any glitches and problems that I'd missed before it was too late. I'm glad he did because there were a few things that I'd missed that need seeing to. So I'm busy over the evenings next week as they need to be done before Saturday. Below is a list of the things that need to be done before Saturday the 9th January:

  • Move the filler cap 20mm nearer the boot to avoid problems with the fit of the hood.

  • Fill the passenger door around the lock area to reduce the panel gaps.

  • Decide on the thickness and spacing of the two white stripes. The width of the stripe is critical to the visual impact of the car. But considerations need to be made on where the stripe actually runs. If it runs off the side edges of the bonnet air intake it is difficult to achieve a satisfactory straight line. Viewed from the side the line will not appear straight even though it is. So the line must either fall outside the air intake or inside it. This means either narrow or wide stripes. Jill and I masked the car up to see which thickness of line we preferred. We've decided on 9.5" wide stripes with a 2" gap between the stripes. Thankfully, John from Crendon has agreed to mark out the car on our behalf for the stripes so at least they will be straight!

  • Re shape the bonnet air intake to reduce the thickness of the profile at the leading edge of the scoop.

  • Sand the leading edge of the passenger door increase the gap between the door and the wing when the door is opened. It's a bit tight and the moment so when the thickness of paint is added it might start to rub.