January 1999

Bonnet/wipers ~ 34kb Windscreen and wiper assembly fitted.
Boot area
Boot ~ 55kb The boot area showing the extensive use of aluminium.
Rear Nudge bar
Nudge bar close up ~ 49kb A close up of fixing up the nudge bar. This was difficult to get level and at equal distance.
Rear nudge bar
Rear nudge bar ~ 57kb This picture shows the jack and axel stands and bits of wood I used to get the nudge bar level before I finally committed drill bit to fibreglass.
Door ~ 38kb Shot of the door.
Roll hoop
Roll hoop ~ 57kb I don't know how many times I fitted and removed the roll hoop whilst I was trying to get the holes to line up. You may notice the copious amounts if filler on previous missed holes.
Wipers ~ 40kb Trial fitting of the wiper assembly. Although not shown in this photograph I eventually had to bend the wiper arms to get the blades to sit neatly against the windscreen.
Wipers ~ 47kb View of the scuttle frame and wipers again.