July 1998

July 1998


have not done too much to the car this month I'm afraid to say. Mainly for a number of reasons. Firstly, we've been away on holiday and secondly I sent off for the SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) Regulations manual. I wanted to read through the rules, regulations, standards and criteria that would be used to test my completed car. The manual cost £25, but I consider this money well spent. I did not want to order any parts before I knew exactly what would be tested and to what standards. Just in case what I purchased was not SVA compliant and therefore would not pass the test!

19th July

I ordered a windscreen and front and rear bumpers and over riders today. The windscreen has to be made so there is a 3/4 week wait. I also sent off for various catalogues and information for trim items and lights.

I joined the Cobra Replica Owners club this weekend, 25th July. As part of the membership you get a club magazine, this has given me some useful contacts and information already. The club had a stand at the COY's weekend a Silverstone race track. The event was held to celebrate 50 years of Silverstone. Anyway I knew the Cobra club would be there so it was a good chance to see other cobras and get some ideas from other people's cars.

27th July

I bought a Triumph Spitfire heater from an local place that dealt in secondhand Truimph car spares. It's in need of some tidying up but it was in good condition. The good thing was that it came supplied with the windscreen demister vents and the relevant ducting. Demister vents are now needed to pass the SVA test. Also the vents with the heater have a nice metal cover, which once painted the same colour as the car will blend in a treat on the dash area.