July 1999

Back of the dashboard ~ 81kb The back of the dashboard after the wiring had been done. The three main multiplug connectors can be seen, because of these plugs the dashboard is fairly easy to remove once installed. Well that's the theory anyway. There are two additional holes for mechanical water and oil temperature gauges which I'm not fitting right till the end as the thin capillaries can easily get damaged.
Engine ~ 116kb This is the lump as it was delivered. All I had to do was bolt the Tremec gearbox to the engine and install the Ford SVO starter motor.
Engine again ~ 98kb
More engine shots ~ 87kb
Engine ~ 79kb
Foglight ~ 81kb Because of the SVA regulations there must be a foglight fitted plus 2 rear reflectors. I've since changed these reflectors to slightly larger ones as the ones I'd fitted were not SVA compliant. And if the SVA inspector asks I'll say 'Yes I will be keeping the fog light on the car after the test, honest.'

Heater ~ 83kb This shot details one of the blanking plates together with the new outlet I made to redirect the flow of air. The original outlets fouled the scuttle tubes so could not be used.

Horns ~ 54kb The horns are mounted just in front of the radiator in the nose cone. I made up a metal bracket and stacked the horns one on top of the other.
Inside ~ 116kb