June 1998


ell after what seemed like an enternity, the day finally arrived. June 1st was the day the rolling chassis was due to arrive from John at Crendon. He planned to deliver the kit around midday however, he phoned to say he was running a bit late and should be arriving about 2.30pm. I was having difficulty containing my excitement. Finally, John arrived with the car on the back of a trailer. I dashed out with the camera and started clicking away like a madman, while John and my friend Mark unstrapped the car and rolled it into the garage.

I was really impressed with the quality of the car. The gaping of the doors, bonnet and boot were excellent, the aluminum fabrication could not be faulted, his craftsmanship was excellent.

A steady stream of friends have been admiring the car ever since. It may seem a little strange but as soon as anyone calls at the house they are whisked off into the garage for a private viewing!

I've included some of the photographs in the photographic journal but as I took over two rolls of film I thought I'd better only publish a few here.

So what's next? Having sought advice I've decided to build the car using the following approach. My next task is to buy and fit every item that required the bodywork to be drilled to fit it e.g. the windscreen, bumpers/overriders, roll hoop, lights etc. Once all these items are fitted I will remove them and get the bodywork painted. When it returns from the paintshop, I'll refit all the components and then fit the engine and geargbox, trim out the cockpit area, loom the car and finish off the engine compartment. I reckon on about a year to finish the build, so plenty of typing and photos yet to come. Stay tunned!