May 2001


looked at the site and noticed that I hadn't updated it for ages. Not that too much had happened anyway. The new radiator had arrived and in the mean time we'd moved house. I now have a lovely double garage with loads of space. Or at least there will be once we've unpacked and waded through all the junk.

11th May
The Cobra was due for its MOT on the Saturday. We'd just moved so I hurriedly fitted the new radiator. The top outlet from the radiator had been made a little too small and when I refitted the hose with the Kenlowe thermostat in it, there was quite a large leak from it. Well really it was massive. I tried to tighten up the clip as much as I could, however the leak would not stop. The only way I could stop it from leaking was to remove the thermostat. As the MOT was tomorrow I had little choice but to remove the thermostat which meant there would be no fans to cut in as the temperature rose. The MOT garage was just down the road less than 5 minutes away so I knew I would not have any problems sitting in traffic.

12th May

The day dawn bright and at 8.00am I was making my way down to the MOT station. When I arrived I was pleased that the examiner took an interest in the car. He asked all about it in terms of when it was built and what was the engine make etc.. He went through the usual checks, and the car passed with no problems. However right at the end of the test the car did overheat but I was able to catch it and turn it off.

27th May

Spent a couple of hours today installing the thermostat into the top hose. I've used some elastic rubber from Halfords which is designed to repair hoses. You wrap it around the hose and it seals it. I've used this stuff to slightly increase the external diameter of the top outlet of the radiator. When you apply it you stretch it to twice its length and then wrap it on itself. It allowed me to increase the diameter and get the thermostat sensor tube in too. Once I'd tightened up on the clip all was fine with no leaks.

Jill, Helen and I also started to create a pattern out of brown paper for the hood. I've had all the bits for the hood for sometime, however I'd not got round to completing the hood. So we made a start on it and I don't think it will be as difficult as I first thought. Keep you posted on that one! I've taken some pictures and I've posted them on the site. So have a look at the photos to see how we got on.