Specifications of my car



These are the items I've already decided upon. There are still many more decision to make - but these are the main ones.

Rear axel ratio

Jaguar diff - 3.31:1


Rear - Dunlop 255 55 ZR16

Front - Dunlop 225 50 ZR16


  • 351 cu. in. Ford Windsor (5.8 litre)
  • Horsepower 400

    Torque Ft Lb 418

    Compression ratio 9.0:1, Edlebrock Performer heads, Edlebrock Series 1407 - 750cfm carburettor, Edlebrock Torker II intake manifold.


  • Tremec 5 speed gearbox
  • Rev 1:3:01

    1st 1:3:27

    2nd 1:1:98

    3rd 1:1:34

    4th 1:1:00

    5th 1:0:68


    This is a highly authentic round tube ladder frame using 4" cold drawn seamless tube. Rigid tubular scuttle frame to eliminate scuttle shake. Sheet steel cockpit floor and inner faces of footwells. Highly authentic front turret structure. Heavily gusseted rear turret structure, effectively harnessing torque reactions from axle.


    A glassfibre one piece body structure with integral boot moulding. Front inner wings and cockpit bulkhead constructed from 2mm aluminium sheet. All opening panels double skinned with steel inserts at lock and hinge positions. Internal boot hinges.