March 1999

March 1999


ots happened this month. Collected the car from the paintshop, ordered some more pieces from John at Crendon as well as putting in a order for the engine and gearbox.

12th March

Picked up the car from the paintshop today. It was an early start because I had to pick up the trainer from Watford and drive to Leicester, some 60 miles away, to collect the car. The weather wasn't too good although it only rained for a short time on the way home.

I collected the car from Paul and what an excellent job he had done on it. It was much better than I ever anticipated. We went for the twin white stripe on the car with the original cobra guardsman blue colour as the base colour. Paul had managed to blend in the stripe so you couldn't even feel the ridge between the two colours. The majority of cars that have a stripe when you run your fingers over the edge of the stripe you can feel the ridge between the two paints - ours is completely smooth. Paul vowed never to do another one like that as it was too much trouble. In future the stripe would be put on last and you'd feel the ridge.

No major problems getting the car home, however getting the car off the trailer was a bit difficult as I was on my own. I stood next to the trailer and was inching the car off the trailer using the handbrake to stop it from running away from me. As the weight shifted to the back of the trailer the trailer started to tip up at the front and the back started to drop to the floor. The only problem was my foot was under the rear trailer bump stops! The trailer came down and caught my foot. I pulled up the handbrake to stop the car but then realised I was stuck and could not get my foot out. I could not push the car forward as it was now heading down the off the trailer. My only choice was to carry on rolling the car over my foot! Thankfully no damage was done and I got the car off safely. Afterwards when I re-lived the moment II had visions of being caught in that position until someone came to help me!

19th March

I placed an order for my engine and gearbox today. I decided after a lot of thought to go for the larger horsepower. If I went for the smaller horsepower and wanted to upgrade the motor later it would cost me more to replace items than if I spent the extra couple of hundred pounds now to get the extra horsepower. See the specs page for the full details on the engine I ordered.

Also during this week I've managed to underseal the car and paint all of the engine compartment to cover and fibreglass panels. I also re-fitted the lights and indicators on the front of the car.