Journal of the build


s you know I placed my order for the car on the 12th August 1997. The replica arrived to me as a complete rolling chassis, so there was quiet a wait until I took delivery.

To make it easier to follow my build story I have laid out the journal in months and against each month I have summarised the key components that I fitted to the car.

I have also created a page for the photographs which like the journal is set out month by month. Click here to go the the photographs.

Summary of items completed
May 2001
New radiator fitted and making of hood patterns
January 2001
Re-cap on last couple of months, to include, leaking radiator and a melted fuse box!
August 2000
Tonneau cover made and track day completed with no damage to the car!
July 2000
COYS at Silverstone.
June 2000
The case of the sticky throttle cable
April 2000
Tonneau and hood installation.
March 2000
Carpeting completed.
February 2000
Running in and finding a few little problems.
January 2000
The year started off with a minor problem.
December 1999
Car sent off to a rolling road for the engine to be set up properly.
November 1999
Paperwork, paperwork and even more paperwork to explain how to complete the paperwork.
October 1999
The SVA test date is the 28th October, all hands to the pumps!!!! Engine starts for the first time!
September 1999
Exhausts fitted plus SVA application sent off.
August 1999
Exhaust, seats and other bits and bobs arrive.
July 1999
Everything ordered waiting for delivery.
June 1999
Engine and gearbox arrives and is fitted!
May 1999
Mainly wiring and fitting small components this month.
April 1999
Many small bits and pieces ordered this month and fitted to the car.
March 1999
Car collected from the paintshop and engine and gearbox ordered.
February 1999
Visit to the paintshop to see how car's going, plus some detail shots of John's demonstrator.
January 1999
Car goes to the paintshop. Last minute jobs to do before it goes.
December 1998
Fitted roll hoop, petrol filler cap, demister vents.
November 1998
Completed fitting the windscreen, lights and tyres.
October 1998
Many items ordered for the car.
September 1998
Windscreen has been made.
July 1998
Not much done to the car, although joined the UK Cobra Replica Club and I ordered some items for the car.
June 1998
All suspension fitted, bodyshell ready for fitting.
March 1998
Rolling chassis delivered from factory to my home.
December 1997
Chassis and bodyshell arrive at factory workshop.